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Do I have the skills to take a course requiring the use of a computer?

This short "skills survey" will help you decide if you have the skills required to take courses requiring the use of a computer. Select your answers to the questions below, then click "Submit"

1.  If given an address for a website (that is, a URL), I would be able to navigate there through a browser:
(a.) After some experimentation.
(b.) With assistance.
(c.) With no problem.

2.  Faced with an assignment that required the use of an internet Search Engine I would:
(a.) Seek assistance.
(b.) Need time to familiarize myself with at least one Search Engine.
(c.) Move through the assignment with confidence.

3.  If required to download and install a browser plug-in I would:
(a.) Require assistance to complete the task.
(b.) Look for information on the correct procedure before proceeding.
(c.) Proceed with confidence.

4.  I identify my comfort level with e-mail programs and internet browsers as:
(a.) Uncomfortable.
(b.) Somewhat comfortable.
(c.) Very comfortable.

5.  I can save files to the computer's hard drive, a floppy disk, or a network drive:
(a.) Only with assistance or not at all.
(b.) With some hesitation but I'm usually successful.
(c.) With no trouble at all.

6.  When prompted to format a new floppy disk:
(a.) I need assistance from someone.
(b.) I have to review the steps but I manage to do it.
(c.) I can do it easily.

7.  When I have to retrieve a file from the computer's hard drive, a floppy disk, or a network drive:
(a.) I need somone to help me.
(b.) I find it a little tricky getting to the file even though I know where it is supposed to be.
(c.) I can find and open it right away (assuming I know where the file is supposed to be).

8.  I can use a word processing program to write research papers and other similar documents:
(a.) Only with assistance or not at all.
(b.) With little problem, as long as features such as tables, columns, and complicated formatting aren't included.
(c.) With no problem at all.

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